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7 ways to make sure your videos fail in 2023

In this short article, we’re going to break down the biggest video mistakes we’re seeing in 2023 so you can avoid them.

Anyone can jam an iPhone into a tripod and record a video.

But not everyone can use video content to generate consistent inbound leads for their business.

In this short article, we’re going to break down the biggest video mistakes we’re seeing in 2023 so you can avoid them.

Let’s get rolling.

Mistake 1 – Trend jacking – be authentic

This is a saying made popular among TikTok creators and it refers to using trends to your advantage. There’s nothing wrong with this, so long as you use the trend in a way that works for your business and your audience. 

Example – if your target audience are 50-year-old men, they probably aren’t going to like anything Barbie Movie related. And they’re probably going to hate you dancing around on camera too.

Use trends by all means. But use them wisely.

Mistake 2 – Poor production quality – look the part

I know it’s easy for us to say this with our fancy lights and 4K camera, but it doesn’t take a lot to get good quality video from your iPhone:

  • Use natural light
  • Think about your background
  • Wear an inexpensive lapel mic
  • Use a ring light
  • Use a tripod
  • Spend time editing your videos
  • Keep things simple

If your video marketing doesn’t match the quality of the service you provide, you’re doing your business a disservice.

It’s why businesses come to us for quality video filmed with strategy in mind.

Mistake 3 – Boring hooks – create intrigue

Unless you’re a top 1% creator posting any old rubbish knowing you’ll get hundreds of likes and comments, you can’t assume your audience cares about what you’re saying.

You need to give your audience a reason to care – a reason to keep watching. And this comes from the hook (the first few seconds of your video).

Some useful hooks to use are:

  • Make a big promise
  • Show people what’s coming in the video
  • Say something controversial/against the grain
  • Promise an answer to a problem the viewer is having

Mistake 4 – Not repurposing content – maximise the time you’re spending

If you’ve got a big bank of longform content, the best place for you to start is repurposing it into shorter clips.

Ai can help with this (though it’s not amazing).

You’re far better either doing this yourself or outsourcing your editing to professionals – like us! Email me [email protected] for our editing rates.

Mistake 5 – No call to action – tell your audience what to do next

You’ve kept someone’s attention, intrigued them with your content, you’re building up to the grand finale of your video and then… nothing.

Your viewer is left feeling lost, confused, unhappy. They want to learn more from you (or even buy from you) but your video has no call to action. 

They don’t know where to go. So they click off and forget about you.

That’s what happens if you post a video with no call to action.

Good call to actions include:

  • Follow me for more tips
  • Like and subscribe
  • Click the link in my bio
  • Grab your FREE [thing] below
  • For more info, do X

Just make sure you ask the reader to do something.

Mistake 6 – Following a script – use prompts instead

I know this sounds surprising, but hear me out.

There’s nothing worse than watching a rigid, awkward video from someone who sounds like they’re reading out a story.

It’s not natural. It’s not authentic. It’s not you.

Instead, write down the points you’d like to cover in your video. That way, the video will flow more naturally and you’ll come across much better.

Mistake 7 – Dodgy editing – outsource or upskill

Avoid these:

  • Too many effects
  • Flashy transitions
  • Long pauses
  • Leaving in “errrms” and “ahhs”
  • Pointless video intro graphics

Make sure you:

  • Include captions
  • Include time bars on long videos
  • Use different shots

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll win clients with video content

Planning, shooting and editing video properly takes time, skill and patience. 

If you’re lacking in any of those three areas, it may be time to outsource your video production to the professionals. 

Our content creator package means with just one day of your time, you’ll receive one month’s worth of content!

Meaning all you need to do is write a quick caption and hit post.

If that sounds like something that could help you at the moment, click here.

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