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Promoting places, products, and processes

Everything your business or organisation needs to build your brand and make sales.

  • All types of commercial video
  • Full production: scripts, storyboards, video, editing, lighting, sound
  • FREE strategy session before every project

Your in-house video team

You’ve just found one of the North East’s leading commercial video teams. Everything we do is backed by strategy to ensure your video gets maximum attention, leads, and sales.

  • Promoting a place? You need a mixture of video and drone footage, powered by a unique narrative. 
  • Promoting a product? We’ll make your viewers see how much better their lives will be after they find you.
  • Promoting a service? We’ll demonstrate your process to show how you stand out from your competitors.  

This is what gets results. So let’s get started.

In House Studio Production Team - Shooting Connor Rutherford in the Rain

What video are you looking for?

Here’s how we can help.

How does it work?

Strategy and goals

Before your filming day, we’ll meet on Zoom to talk through how you’re planning on using your video. This strategy is what makes sure you see a good ROI from video.


Scripts, plans, and storyboards

You’ll get a detailed breakdown and storyboard, meaning you’ll know what you’ll need to bring and the scripts you’ll need to write. Prefer us to write your scripts? Let us know.


Filming day

We’ll film all the content you need! Don’t worry if you’re new in front of the camera, we’ll put you at ease. 



This is where all our planning, prep, and filming come together!


Amends and sign-off

You’ll receive your video, which will reflect the strategy we agreed on in step one. You’ll then have two rounds of amends to request any changes to make sure you’re 100% happy.

“I felt there was a real creative conversation between myself and the team – rather than them just telling us what we were getting.”
Maureen Lawrie
Stanegate Productions

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