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Event videography: how to get the most from your event

Running an event soon? Thinking about hiring a video team? This is how to get the most from your event.

Running an event soon?

Thinking about hiring a video team?

Make sure you read this first. 

Let’s just jump straight in, shall we?

Why is event video important?

We know budgeting for an event is difficult – things always end up costing a little more than you expected. And that’s assuming nothing goes wrong!

So sometimes video can feel like a ‘nice to have’.

But I’m telling you right now that it’s as important as speakers!

Here’s why.

Event video sells tickets 

“Captain obvious” – I know. An event highlight video helps you sell tickets to your next event. 

But what if I told you that video could help you sell tickets to your upcoming event? Even if it’s your first?

Here’s how we do that:

1 – Sales videos to promote early bird offers

2 – Speaker teasers to sell tickets and build hype

3 – Delegate videos showing why people have signed up

4 – Venue & walkthroughs to help people visualise and find the venue

5 – Video countdown series around key promo events and leading up to the day

6 – Video highlighting local attractions and recommendations to broaden the experience 

Event video should be so much more than your 3-minute highlight reel. 

And it starts before the first delegate steps foot into your venue. 

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Event video attracts sponsors

Sponsors are the golden goose. Their cash lets you splurge on the extra touches that get people talking.

But attracting sponsors is hard. Especially good sponsors. Sponsors willing to give you the £5s, £10ks and £20+ks.

What better way is there of raising money than sending potential sponsors a video made especially for them?

A sponsorship highlight reel not only shows people how great your event is going to be, but shows them where their logos will be placed, and the type of event and calibre of speakers they’ll be associated with.

It literally shows them what they’re paying for.

Event video helps you scale 

The more tickets you sell, the more sponsors you attract, the more cash you have in the bank to reinvest in better venues & speakers.

To build the event you’ve been dreaming of, you need event video.

Event video shots

Once the moment has gone, it’s gone!

You can’t ask a speaker to do their entrance again.

It’s so important that you give your event videography team detailed instructions of the main events you’d like captured. 

An event run sheet is helpful – but having a member of your team work with the video team on the day is even better. This means we won’t miss anything.

Here are a range of shots we’ll typically capture to make sure your videos are top level:

  Speaker entrances

  Delegate testimonials 

  Sponsor signage placements

  Behind the scenes

  Building/unpacking your sets

  Vendors

  Crowds

  Activities outside of the speakers

  Timelapses

  Drone footage

  Speeches from the founder (you)

  Venue shots

  Food/extras

  Any socials around your event

The key here is showing your event is far more than speakers on a stage. These extra shots, extra touches, and extra videos are what will set your event apart.

What types of events do we film?

✔️ Expos

✔️ Conferences

✔️ Awards evenings

✔️ Trade shows

✔️ Product launches

Events we don’t film:

❌ Livestreams

❌ Weddings

Now you see how much you can do with event video

The highlight reel is just the start.

Check out our NEW showreel below and email [email protected] to set up a call/meeting to get your FREE quote.

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