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Go bigger, bolder, and better with event video

Sell out your next awards evening, expo or conference with our event video production services.

Create a fear of missing out

It’s one thing to tell people how amazing your event was – it’s another thing to show them. It makes people determined not to miss your next one.

If you want to: 

  • Sell out your next event
  • Build hype around your upcoming event
  • Reinvest ticket sales into an even bigger event next year

We’ll make you a video that does that.

Event Organisers

Your next event needs video

Here’s why:

Sell tickets

People struggle to imagine how good an event is. So show them! When people see others enjoying your event, it’ll make them envious they missed the last one and determined not to miss the next.

Attract sponsors

How good would it be having sponsors help with the cost of running your event? The better sponsors you get, the bigger your event is, the more tickets you sell.

Grow your event

Selling more tickets means you can invest more in your next event. This could mean a better venue and bigger speakers. Book your dream clients!

Types of event video we do

Planning something a bit different? We’d love to hear about your idea.

How does it work?

Before your event

We’ll meet on Zoom (or your venue) to talk about your event schedule, the main things you’d like featured in your video, and anything else that’s important. 

This planning and strategy phase is crucial. Once the event has happened, it’s happened! So let’s get it right.


On the day

You’ll provide us with a copy of the itinerary and ideally a member of your team will stay with us during the day. Again, we only get one chance to capture everything you need – so the key is in the planning.


After your event

Once we have all your amazing footage, we’ll get busy prepping your video. 

It’s so important to build hype around your event as soon as it’s happened, so that’s why we guarantee you’ll have the first cut of your video within 5 working days. 

Need to change something? Don’t worry – you get two rounds of amends as standard with your project.

Let’s talk numbers

Event videography

£ XXX + VAT Per Event
  • What’s included?
  • Strategy call
  • Event video plan
  • Camera equipment
  • Sound and lighting
  • Full edit
  • Two rounds of amends
  • Master event video in HD (2–3 minutes)
“The team got what we were trying to achieve really quickly. Everything was great.”
Maureen Lawrie
Stanegate Productions

Make your video extra special

On our travels

We expect to travel to your event venue! If you’re outside of this area, let us know and we’ll have a chat about how it works.

In House Studios Travel Map

Vertical video clips

Planning on promoting your event on social media? Vertical video clips are perfect for this. 

From £xxx+VAT

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