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How to banish those on-camera nerves

Here are some ways we help our clients relax a little so you enjoy the process and get the best results possible from it.

We can’t all be Brad Pitt.

Being on camera isn’t natural to most people.

Here are some ways we help our clients relax a little so you enjoy the process and get the best results possible from it.


Plan ahead

Know what you’re videoing, what you’re saying, where you’re setting up, what you’re wearing.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if nothing is planned, so start with controlling the controllables.


Remember being at school and having to spell something on the board in front of the whole class? The sheer horror when you couldn’t remember how to spell something obvious?

That’s because your brain has moved from its natural tick-along state to a heightened fight or flight state.

The same thing happens when you hit the record button.

If you don’t like filming, your brain starts throwing all sorts at you:

  • “You look stupid”
  • “This isn’t gonna work”
  • “Why are we even doing this?”
  • “Let’s just turn it off, shall we?”

A way around this is to set your camera up and press the record button while you’re still setting up and getting ready. It reduces the initial shock of seeing the camera and yourself on a screen. It gives your brain and body a while to calm down from its fight or flight response. 

Video more often

The more you do something, the more natural it becomes:

  • Writers write every day
  • Golf pros practise their stroke daily
  • Content creators get in front of the all the time

Being on camera is a skill and all skills must be learned.

Get some professional help

If you’re completely new to video, it may be worth investing in some professional content initially. 

This will help show you how shots should be set up, how to script videos, how to set up your lighting, and how the finished edit should look. 

Pick outfits that make you feel good

You obviously want to look your best on camera and while there are apps that will help you do that, apps can’t create confidence. 

That’s why it’s so important to wear clothes you’re comfortable in, that you’d wear every day, and that you’re confident in.

This way, you’ll not only like the footage, but it will get you far better results. 

Keep lots of time free

When you shoot your own videos, it’s always going to take longer than you think.

And when you’re in a rush, it’s easy to get frustrated. 

So give yourself plenty of time to make mistakes – this means you’ll be more relaxed on camera.

Accept it’s not going to be perfect

If you’re investing in professional video content creation (like with In House Studios), then you can expect to be blown away.

But if you’re tyring this by yourself, accept the limitations of your experience, skills and equipment and acknowledge the video probably isn’t going to be as slick as your favourite creators – at first.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

But it does have to be good. 

Remember you’re editing it

You don’t have to rattle off the full script in one go.

In fact, it’s not advisable to do that.

Split the video into two/three sentences at a time. Record these as one continuous video with small pauses in between.

Then when it comes to editing, you edit out the pauses and voila – you have the beginnings of your video. 

Ready to start using video content to generate leads?

Now you know these tips, you’re in a far better position to get your camera out.

Think you need some extra support?

Click here to find out how we can help.

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