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Service providers: Why video is essential for winning new clients 

Standing out online is getting harder and harder. Especially standing out in the right way.

Standing out online is getting harder and harder.

Especially standing out in the right way. Because let’s be honest: it’s easy to grab attention online by following the latest fad.

But if your video content is not serving your business goals (as in generating inbound leads for your business), that needs to change. 

Here’s why.

Video builds huge levels of trust 

We live in a world where online scammers and hackers are rife. People are naturally cautious online. You need to give your audience a reason to trust you.

How do you do this?

  • Share tips
  • Share case studies
  • Share testimonials
  • Share things about your personal life

The more content people see from you – the more they’ll get to know and trust you.

Think about your favourite creator from LinkedIn/TikTok/Instagram.

When you read one of their text posts/emails/captions, you read it in their voice, don’t you? 

This is the level of familiarity you need your potential customers to feel with you. When it comes to reaching out / working with you, you need them to feel like they already know you.

Video lets you explain your processes

How many times have you had a customer say: “I didn’t realise you did XYZ?”

It’s not too bad so long as they come to you for it – but it’s a nightmare when they go to a competitor.

By posting regular video content, you can break down your processes for each of your services.

Ultimately, as a service provider, your USP is the way you deliver your service. It’s the quality and the care you show every single touch point.

Getting people onto your website to explain your process is hard whereas it’s easy to show them in an entertaining 1-minute video.

Your competition is probably doing video

Be honest. 

There is someone in your industry, doing exactly what you do, making more money.

You know you’re better than them, don’t you? And it annoys you that they’re doing better. 

It doesn’t feel fair. 

But sometimes it doesn’t matter how good or talented you are at your skill. It matters how effectively you can market that skill. 

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki uses the example of best-selling authors. Best-selling authors aren’t the best authors. They’re the best at selling. 

You must become confident and comfortable with selling your services. Using video to do that is one of the most effective ways.

Don’t think you have to copy your competition – you shouldn’t try to. You’ll find your own unique style. A way that feels natural. 

Does video content currently feel like a step too far? 

That’s because you haven’t started yet. 

Everything sounds challenging before we start.

But we’re here to help.

If you need support getting started with video, click here to learn more about our packages.

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